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SalesRun: A Complete Sales Activity Suite We've developed the world's first complete Sales Activity Suite (SAS) platform that offers a fully automated streamlined solution that focuses exclusively on the sales process.

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SalesRun enables your team to Accelerate & Grow Revenue and Reduce Sales Cycles with Efficiency, Accuracy, and Speed

The Endgame

Empower Your Team

  • Configure Complex Products. The SalesRun SAS allows for Plug-N-Play Product Configurators that we design and develop for your business. These Configurators will output Product & Services deliverables for immediate fulfillment, requiring only a few moments of actual Salesperson time

  • The Pricing Matrix, The SalesRun SAS casts the ‘Spell of Simplicity’ over the complexities of multi-level selling schemes and adds a 3rd dimension of flexibility to ensure a complete, accurate, and flexible pricing matrix. With SalesRun your business can incorporate complex pricing structures in a well-organized will-executed manner.

  • Integrated Electronic Signatures. Close Deals Faster! Each Business Element (Quote, Contract, Proposal, Etc.) can include SalesRun’s integrated E-Sign. The E-Sign can be completed on a Smartphone and accelerates the closing process by eliminating laborious scanning and faxing of hard documents.

  • Sales Activity Analytics. Managers can now monitor their team's activity via actual transnational 'Sales Activity' data with real-time visibility. SalesRun tracks all of the activity metrics that the CRM cannot. Now Sales Managers can make better informed decisions and get the real data behind who excels and who lacks.

SalesRun is a complete enterprise level Sales Activity Suite (SAS) that integrates with a CRM and/or ERP to complete your entire business solution. The SalesRun SAS is designed to (and has exclusive focus of) streamlining, enriching, and improving each activity of your Sales team's day to day operations.

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