COMPLETE YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS The CRM is tasked with managing your customer data, and reporting forecast. The ERP is tasked with billing, financing, and managing critical workflows. The SAS is concentrated on all of the tasks that the Sales Team endures, inclusive of using CRM and ERP data sets. By connecting the SalesRun SAS with your CRM and ERP, your business solution is complete.

Integration Overview

SalesRun is at the center of the sales universe. It is an intelligently designed Sales Activity Suite (SAS) that easily integrates with today's CRM and/or ERP to run large scale enterprise sales operations.

  • Synchronize CRM data
  • Read / Write to CRM data
  • CRD data in each Sales BE
  • Minimize data discrepancies
  • Coincide CRM & ERP workflows
  • Drive ERP Order database
  • Standardize critical datasets
  • Maximize process efficiency

SAS integrates easily between your CRM and ERP

Our Sales Activity Suite is dedicated to your sales team, but it integrates easily between your CRM and ERP. Having a portfolio of solutions designed just for sales pros gives them the edge they need to improve interactions with customers and out-perform your competition. Sales pros will have the opportunity to generate accurate quotes more quickly, create proposals and contracts, and access product pricing with lightning fast speed. Even complex quotes can be achieved in a fraction of the time when relying on our SAS.

SAS is the final piece of the puzzle

You have a CRM and a ERP. With our SAS, you'll have the third and final piece of the puzzle. With all bases covered, your automation needs will be fulfilled. Because our SAS integrates easily with your CRM and ERP, you don't have to worry about incompatibility or other inefficiencies that could slow you down. Give your sales pros the tools they need to do their best work. In the challenging world of sales, SalesRun simplifies complicated tasks so your pros can spend more time with customers, more time doing what they do best.

Today's Sales practices require a dedicated SAS
Fast, Accurate, & Effective Sales Production

CRM Integration - Quotes & Proposals

SalesRun's seamless integration bridges the large gap between CRM data and outbound client facing Quotes & Proposals. With key client information that flawlessly flows between platforms, SalesRun reduces several risks (such as data duplication) and eliminates HR time spent barreling through administrative tasks. This keeps your team focused on closing deals faster. Currently 85% of salespeople assert that they spend too much time on non-selling tasks. SalesRun addresses this core problem when integrated with your CRM, resulting in a significant time savings that directly impacts revenue. Our SAS is specifically designed to shorten the sales cycle by streamlining the process to output Quotes, and Proposals (among other client facing activities) of any complexity.

Drive your ERP - Order Fulfillment

Regardless of the industry your business serves, SalesRun affords your team with accurate Sales Order data that incorporates essential fulfillment, deliverable and financial ERP inputs. Integration to the ERP closes the gap between ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ sales processes and workflows. The organizational strains of disparate system architecture are removed, and your ERP can be fed with accurate dynamic data propulsion. Let SalesRun drive your ERP finance & fulfillment initiatives, while your human resources focus on the more important goals of financial victory: Sales Activity & Revenue Generation.

Enrich your CRM - Sales Activity Reporting

The SalesRun CRM integration paves way for CRM data enrichment by logging salesman activity in near-real time. Such valuable sales metrics includes progress points of ‘If', 'when', 'how much’, and ‘at what rate’. which are a sample of the data updates appended via CRM integration. When integrated to your CRM, sales managers are equipped with a better measurement of progress, or even more importantly, holes and/or room for improvements. From signed Contracts, to Closed deals, and from Purchase Orders to margin performance, SalesRun enhances CRM data with unparalleled activity stats.

SalesRun, is The Sales Activity Suite, (SAS) to beat your competition and win more profitable deals faster

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