YOUR LINK TO PROFITABLE SALES Today your CRM manages customer data and forecasting, while your ERP runs billing, financing, and critical operational workflows. SalesRun is the middleware suite concentrated on your sales team’s most critical revenue generating tasks, inclusive of CRM and ERP data sets. By connecting SalesRun between your CRM and ERP, your business solution is complete.

Integration Overview

SalesRun is at the center of the sales universe. It is an intelligently designed Sales Activity Suite (SAS) that easily integrates with today's CRM and/or ERP to run large scale enterprise sales operations.

  • Synchronize CRM data
  • Read / Write to CRM data
  • CRD data in each Sales BE
  • Minimize data discrepancies
  • Coincide CRM & ERP workflows
  • Drive ERP Order database
  • Standardize critical datasets
  • Maximize process efficiency

SalesRun SAS is a Fast, Accurate, and Effective Sales Production Product

SalesRun is The Sales Activity Suite (SAS) you need to beat your competition and win more profitable deals, faster and more efficiently

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