Simplify your Complexity

The SalesRun Sales Activity Suite (SAS) features the tools your sales team needs to increase efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in increased revenue. The SalesRun SAS provides a complete set of modules that reduce sales efforts, produce accurate output, and engage the End User customer. Quotes are made faster, Proposals deliver sales materials efficiently, Contracts are closed with ease, Sales Orders are made with precision, and CRM data is incorporated and transactions are fed to your ERP automatically.

Today’s Quoting process is more demanding than ever. Product configuration… Item selection process… cost, sell, margin management… and the time to make a quality document. SalesRun takes all of these factors into consideration and streamlines the entire process. Starting with client selection, SalesRun guides your team through product & service selections, complex configuration, item add ons, upselling, margin protection, and completes the journey with a professional grade Quote output delivered in moments. All Quotes are converted digitally for online content delivery via SalesRun's exclusive viewer, as well as made available in traditional document formats.
Product Configurators
The SalesRun architecture is designed to manage ‘Black Box’ plug and play product configurators. Whether your company focuses on complex camera systems, central station air handling units, or turbo engine jet airplanes, SalesRun simplifies the product configuration process by offering step by step easy to digest wizardry steps to ensure your team gets its right the first time. No matter how big or how small, SalesRun product configuration technology is only limited to what you can dream.
SalesRun’s Proposal module enriches the sales experience by promoting client engagement. Now you can disseminate your sales & marketing collateral and deliver rich content in just a few clicks. With a library-based approach, Proposals never go out of date, and your team will always have access to the most current materials. SalesRun allows your team to deliver content in virtually any format: Documents, Videos, Spreadsheets, PowerPoints. Select relevant materials and order them to suit, then deliver to your client via SalesRun’s exclusive content viewer. Merging multiple documents and delivering engaging material has never been faster or easier.
Multilevel Pricing Matrix
SalesRun casts the ‘Spell of Simplicity’ over the complexities of multi-level selling schemes and adds a 3rd dimension of flexibility to ensure a complete, accurate, and flexible pricing matrix. With SalesRun your business can deploy complex pricing strategies in a well-organized will-executed manner. Use multiple levels of pricing to accommodate: Distributors, Resellers, Integrators, Value adders, including List pricing strategies. SalesRun furthers the flexibility with Bucketed or Tier’d pricing strategies that can be deployed based on region, market, or client loyalty.
SalesRun’s Contract manager stores all of your Contracts and Agreements in a library-based manner, so your team always has access to the most current documents. Issuing a client Contract is accomplished by your staff in moments. This may include: Online Comments exchange, integrated E-Sign with auditing, Contract storage and preservation, external conversion, metadata registry, and point of record security. The SalesRun Contracts module is an advanced Contract management system that serves as your ‘One Stop Contract Shop’.
Integrated E-Sign
SalesRun features an integrated electronic signature (E-Sign) feature that streamlines and expedites the closing process. This can be applied to Quotes, Proposals, Contracts, or Submittals. The E-Sign feature is fully compatible with SalesRun’s content viewer, which is PC, tablet, and mobile device friendly. That means that your client can be signing off on your products and/or services on his/her smartphone as he/she heads through the subway. This provides the maximum flexibility and convenience for you to do business with your clients.
Sales Orders
The Sales Order is the most critical component of the revenue generating process. The final conversion stage of sales chaos to client fulfillment, the Sales Order must be the most precise and correct step of the process to ensure profit protection to your business. With a well refined Approval / Denial process (by user role) SalesRun’s Sales Order practices quickly shape up your ‘post sales’ business process. Whether plugged in to an ERP or commanding final instructions to your order fulfillment, billing or financing teams, SalesRun continues to streamline your business.
SalesRun tracks sales activity stats. This differs from typical CRM stats, and offers clear visibility into the actual sales process. From SalesRun’s activity analytics, managers can now decision: who the performers are, what’s working best, who’s following procedure and policy, and what forecast adjustments should be made. SalesRun’s activity stats measure daily sales team habits, choices, and general practices and guide leaders with insight into how to best run day to day sales operations.

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