What is an SAS? SalesRun

SalesRun is a full-service Sales Activity Suite (SAS). The core design and focus of SalesRun is to streamline sales activites related to revenue generation, and to produce faster & more efficient means of accomplishing the primary sales mission: Selling. Less work, less energy, and less effort that leads to greater results, richer content, and constructive selling - with pure concentration and focus on what salespeople actually do - is where SalesRun excels and outpaces other selling platforms. SalesRun is the premiere solution for sales activities.

Your Entire Business Solution



SalesRun features a full suite of essentials sales tools that will drive efficiency and accuracy through the heart of your sales team. It's a ‘best class’ enterprise software that provides genuine value into the core competencies your sales team’s actions.

  • Fully integrated with CRM

    Our SAS provides seamless data flow between platforms to optimize your sales reps' productivity while increasing their ability to spend more time with clients. Integration means improved efficiency and streamlined accuracy.

  • Multi-channels and Resellers

    Our platform architecture is designed to feature several layers for your distribution channels and tenants' accounts. Use it to easily manage customized pricing tiers and profit margins.

  • Multi-brands products

    Distributors and sellers can use our SAS to create quotes and proposals that include products from multiple vendors. Complex quotes? No problem. Use our SAS to simply the process for improved accuracy and efficiency.

  • Intuitive user experience

    Your sales reps can navigate SalesRun intuitively from various connective devices to create fast and efficient quotes with complex product configurations. These are customizable quotes, customizable proposals and contracts. An intuitive user experience is simplicity at its finest.

  • Contract Manager

    Our SAS provides an end-to-end contract management solution that includes seamless built-in email communication to secure deal signatures faster. Choose from various forms from our library to customize your documents.

  • Contract e-sign

    Make it easy for your customer to sign without ever leaving the platform with our SalesRun e-signature feature. Close deals more quickly--before your competition even gets out of bed.

  • Sales Orders

    Use our SAS to create accurate sales orders with no need for manual inputs. This improves efficiency, reduces inaccuracy, and achieves more client satisfaction. Wouldn't you like to have more satisfied customers?

  • ERP integrations

    Close the revenue generation cycle with a seamless integration between SalesRun and your ERPs. Grow your business intelligence to meet your changing needs.

Why SalesRun?

All Your Business Needs Are Here

SalesRun, CRM and ERP seamless integration

  • 1. CRM

    Easy integration with a seamless flow of relevant information. Drive your sales team to spend more time with clients while ensuring their administrative tasks are performed with greater accuracy and efficiency.

  • 2. SAS

    Fast and streamlined quotes, simplified contract management with e-signature, and accurate sales orders to help your team close more deals--and out-perform the competition.

  • 3. ERP

    Effective integration to process sales orders, increase clients' profit margins, and achieve greater client satisfaction.

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