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If your company sells products or services, it can benefit from the SalesRun Sales Activity Suite (SAS). The SalesRun SAS sits between your CRM and ERP and acts as a true force multiplier to streamline and advance your sales team's efforts. Whether its automotive, tech, HVAC, medical, textiles, or aviation, your business can rely on the SalesRun SAS. Industry independent, SalesRun provides your sales team with the added support they need to close deals faster and increase revenue.

  • Every Industry

    The SalesRun SAS incorporates flexible architecture that adapts to any industry. Tenant accounts may be customized to suit your needs. Regardless of industry, SalesRun supports your entire sales team.

  • Every Business Size

    SalesRun scales to unlimited size. Regardless of team size, role demand, geographies, or sales volume, SalesRun was designed to serve sales teams ranging in size from small to large enterprise.

  • Every Function

    The core intent of design for SalesRun: Enrich sales ops with feature rich software. It is an intelligently designed platform that aids virtually all aspect of the sales process aimed at one goal: Revenue.

  • Complete Business Solution

    SalesRun is at the center of the sales universe. It interacts with almost every role in your org. A seamless CRM >> SAS >> ERP integration to the SalesRun SAS completes your entire business solution, end to end.

SalesRun will Optimize your entire sales process for all company sizes and any industry

SalesRun is designed to operate in virtually any industry. This SAS is customizable and scalable to suit any company needs. Each module is specifically designed to provide an essential sales solution. Our SAS fits between your CRM and ERP for a seamless integration. By providing your sales reps with the innovative tools they need, they can better compete in the marketplace and increase your sales and revenue stream.

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